How we measure impact

The Meloy Fund has developed an innovative set of Environmental and Social (E&S) Guidelines, designed to ensure that for the Fund’s investees:

  1.  Clear minimum standards for sourcing sustainable fish, or otherwise participating in the fishing supply chain, are agreed upon and monitored;
  2. General environmental and social minimums are met regarding the holistic impact of an investee’s operations;
  3. Impact targets related to the use of the investment and expectations of growth over time are agreed upon, which in some cases may inform financial rewards or penalties; and
  4. A comprehensive multi-stakeholder roadmap is produced and implemented to ensure fisheries recovery over time (via a Fishery Improvement Project or FIP).

Over its ten-year life, the Fund is projected to have a positive impact on the lives of 100,000 fisher household members, and place 1.2 million hectares of coastal habitats under improved management.

Check back soon for updates, including impact measures from our first impact reports. 


The Meloy Fund is a co-author and founding adopter of the Principles for Investment in Sustainable Wild- Caught Fisheries