We aim to become a close partner for our portfolio companies and provide a joint package of financing and in-kind technical support to help businesses transition to sustainable sourcing and other related operations. Specifically:

  • The Meloy Fund offers debt and equity financing tailored to the investee’s needs.
  • Additionally, we may also provide technical assistance to support business growth, including financial management, corporate governance, operations, marketing, and sustainable seafood best practices.


Portfolio Companies



Criteria for Portfolio Companies

Business criteria:

  • Commercially viable businesses with high growth opportunities, and which recognize the value of sustainability as a business necessity as well as a corporate responsibility.
  • Strong management team with a successful history starting and/or managing companies.

Impact criteria:

  • Businesses that directly benefit, or have the potential to benefit 500-2,000 coastal fishers, with the potential to increase and scale over the period of the investment.
  • Opportunity to positively affect the fisheries in which it operates.