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Meloy Fund Makes New Investment to Improve Fisher and Farmer Productivity

Koltiva AG to Receive First External Round

ARLINGTON, VA – February 3, 2020 – The Meloy Fund, a pioneering impact investment fund developed to provide capital to enterprises that benefit coastal communities and ecosystems, announced a new investment today in Swiss-based Koltiva AG. Koltiva is a leading integrated agriculture technology company that provides tailor-made software solutions and services for the agriculture and aquaculture sectors. Working across the supply chain, from over 330,000 small farmers to some of the world’s largest multinational companies, Koltiva provides end-to-end traceability and transparency by mapping and tracing products from the opaque “first mile” to every actor in the value chain.

“Koltiva is poised to be a market leader in Southeast Asia and aligns perfectly with the Meloy Fund’s core mission to support sustainable coastal ecosystems and smallholder livelihoods,” said Dale Galvin, CEO of the Meloy Fund and management company, Deliberate Capital.

“We are extremely excited to be working with the Meloy Fund,” said Manfred Borer, CEO of Koltiva. “They share our vision to improve fisher and farmer livelihoods, and provide customers with enhanced transparency on the sustainability of the products they are purchasing.”

Peter Kennedy, Chief Investment Officer of the Meloy Fund said, “Koltiva has one the deepest footprints in Southeast Asia supporting 300,000 farmers in Indonesia alone. We believe Koltiva’s competitive advantage is its strong software offering combined with a boots-on-the-ground approach, which has increased adoption and retention rates for small scale farmers.”

Koltiva focuses on improving productivity, mitigating production and market risks, and increasing sustainability, traceability, and fisher and farmer profitability through price premiums and higher yields. The Meloy Fund’s investment will allow Koltiva to scale its existing terrestrial and financial products along with an accelerated push into the seaweed and aquaculture area, supported by the Meloy Fund team and technical assistance, with Peter Kennedy joining the board of Koltiva AG.



The Meloy Fund is an impact investment fund that invests in businesses operating in the coastal economies of Indonesia and the Philippines. Its sector focus includes seafood, aquaculture, fisheries supply chain and logistics, marine biotechnology, marine certification and traceability, coastal and maritime tourism, waste disposal management, recycling, and related industries. The Fund provides debt and equity financing to companies that not only have the potential to significantly grow their businesses, but are also committed to adopting sustainable policies related to their interactions with coastal communities and marine ecosystems. The General Partner of the Fund is sponsored by Rare, a global environmental conservation organization, and managed by Deliberate Capital, LLC. To learn more about the Meloy Fund, please visit


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